Bost Gourmet: Quality and innovation

Our society's lack of time and demands for high standards call for a high-quality and nutritionally balanced food product that allows them to follow a healthy, tasty and safe diet.

At Bost Gourmet, since 2008, we have a team of expert restaurateurs in 5th Range cuisine and a production plant that meets the strictest European health and hygiene quality standards.

We have independent treatment circuits for the different types of food, decontamination rooms, a specific kitchen for coeliac dishes, analysis labs... We control each and every part of the production process. From start to finish.

At Bost Gourmet quality and innovation are what set us apart. These are our two main ingredients for a fine-quality meal ready to eat at any time, just as if it were freshly made, requiring only 3 minutes in the microwave.

Our packaging and heat treatment system:

  • guarantees the elimination of potential pathogenic microorganisms,
  • retains the nutritional properties of the dish: vitamins and minerals, and its original sensory properties: flavour, texture and colour.