Time constraints and the demands of our society mean that there is a need for a high quality and nutritionally balanced pre-cooked food product, allowing people to have a healthy, tasty and safe diet.

At Bost Gourmet, since 2008 we have had a team of restaurateurs who are experts in V Gama cookery and a production facility that meets the most stringent European hygienic-sanitary quality requirements.

We have independent processing circuits according to the nature of the food, decontamination rooms, a specific kitchen for food for coeliacs, laboratories for analysis, etc. We control the entire manufacturing process in great detail. From start to finish.

At Bost Gourmet, quality and innovation are our trademark. They are the two main ingredients for a high-end pre-cooked meal that can be consumed at any time, as if freshly made, regenerated after 3 minutes in the microwave.

Our packaging and heat treatment system:

  • ensures the elimination of possible pathogens,
  • maintains the nutritional characteristics of the meal (vitamins and minerals) and retains the original sensory characteristics of the meal: flavour, texture and colour.