What does 5th Range mean?

5th Range foods are dishes which are cooked and packaged according to current food laws using culinary techniques that allow us to produce high-quality dishes containing no preservatives, and with a long shelf life. The 5th Range is the highest possible standard of quality in pre-cooked meals.

The name refers to the preservation method used, which guarantees the safety of food, the preservation of its original texture and its organoleptic properties. A preservation procedure thanks to which the quality and flavour of the dish will remain intact long after it was cooked.

5th Range products are subjected to a heat treatment to guarantee the elimination of potential pathogenic microorganisms, all while respecting the original nutritional and sensory (texture, taste, smell) properties of the dish, as well as its safety and hygiene.

European regulations stipulate that, for a pre-cooked meal to be considered 5th Range, the cooking, packaging, pasteurisation and chilling process must take no longer than 120 minutes. And to guarantee that the product preserves all its properties, the work method in place at Xardexka completes this process in a substantially shorter time.

Their regeneration, i.e. the process of their preparation for consumption, is very simple and involves heating the dishes using the regeneration system indicated in each case: microwave, bain-marie, or special catering trolleys. The regeneration process renders a dish with the same properties and taste as it would have if freshly cooked.