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Since 2008 we have been involved in the preparation and distribution of what is known in Spain as “Gama V” food, high quality pre-cooked convenience food. Our company employs renowned professionals in the area of restaurants and catering. They are pioneers and experts in the new and more advanced vacuum cooking techniques.

With Bost Gourmet, first-class dishes are available to everyone. Ready to open, serve and enjoy.

What is Gama V?

Gama V foods are latest-generation, high quality dishes, prepared and packaged using the latest cooking and packaging techniques.

The name V Gama gives you guarantees about the safety of the food and the retention of its original texture and organoleptic qualities. Its quality is retained for a long time after it has been cooked.

In the modern Bost Gourmet facilities we use the most advanced technology and machinery to prepare our dishes, meeting the most stringent European requirements in matters of quality and health.

At Bost Gourmet we have developed a novel system of heat treatment and packaging that allows the finished product to remain fresh for longer, between 90 and 120 days. So the food reaches the table with its taste, texture and colour intact. A delicious innovation to satisfy the most demanding palates.

"With Bost Gourmet you can always enjoy a pre-cooked meal that is high quality, tasty and healthy.As if it were freshly prepared.Try a five-star menu created byt he chef Sebastián Eskamendi and his team of cooks"

What is the difference between a freshly prepared dish and one regenerated at the same moment? With Bost Gourmet, none. Thanks to our production system we can ensure that the food retains its taste and quality for a long time

"At Bost Gourmet we work every day to create perfect, delicious and healthy dishes. Thanks to our experienced team, to a well-developed preparation process and to a careful packaging process, we manage to create a product that can be consumed a long time after its preparation, as if it were freshly made"

"Bost Gourmet offers a varied menu, with home-cookery recipes ranging from those used by our grandmothers to those reflecting the best of modern cookery. They have all been tailored by our chefs to obtain the V Gama standard for pre-cooked products"

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Our experts select the best raw materials on the market.


We have independent production and packaging circuits to preserve the quality and safety of each food item.


We decontaminate all containers with chlorinated water.


Our expert chefs prepare a wide range of delicious and healthy recipes.


We have a separate kitchen where we prepare recipes suitable for coeliacs.


We package the product in a heat-sealed container with a protective atmosphere.


We apply a carefully developed heat treatment, the key to extending the life of the product and retaining all its properties

  1. Pasteurisation
  2. Chilling

We keep the product refrigerated between 0 and 4 °C during the transfer from our kitchen to the facilities of our customers, always maintaining the cold chain.


Our Bost Gourmet products can be regenerated quickly and easily: just a few minutes heating in the microwave, pan or oven.

Very high quality pre-cooked meals, allowing you to have a top class menu easily and at any time. All created by the chef Sebastian Eskamendi and his experienced team of cooks.