Quality dining solutions for your business

At Bost Gourmet we are committed to innovation and quality so that we can provide new and effective solutions for catering and restaurant professionals and the food trade. We are a team of restaurateurs with extensive experience in restaurants, hotels and catering, pioneers in vacuum cooking techniques.

With the help of Bost Gourmet, your business can offer tasty, healthy and safe dishes, ready to be consumed a long time after their preparation. As if they were freshly made.

To serve them you only have to regenerate them in the microwave for 3 minutes. Then arrange on the plate and ready to eat.

It’s that easy to surprise your guests with a dish prepared by the chef Sebastian Eskamendi and his team of cooks. A real bonus for your restaurant.

"Add prestige to your menu.
Taste success with our Bost Gourmet dishes"

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