High quality

Excellent dishes, just as if they were freshly made

Our food is prepared and packaged applying state-of-the-art techniques. We therefore guarantee their safety and the full preservation of their nutritional, organoleptic and sensory properties. This translates into lasting quality, from the time they are cooked at our facilities until they are served in your establishment

The regulations stipulate that, for a ready meal to be considered 5th Range, the packaging, pasteurisation and chilling processes must take no longer than 120 minutes.

At Bost Gourmet we complete the process in less than 120 minutes to guarantee that the product retains all its properties.

The pasteurisation and chilling processes are performed at our facilities. Regeneration is the last step, completed by the customer at their restaurant by microwaving the dish for 3 minutes.

The result is a high-quality pre-cooked dish with its original flavour. As if it were freshly cooked.

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