Specific benefits for hotels and restaurants


Our product is perfectly designed to meet the daily needs of hotel and catering businesses. The main advantages Bost Gourmet offers include:

  1. Maximum food safety.
  2. The establishment does not require a fitted kitchen. The investment in machinery is reduced: only refrigerators and regeneration ovens or microwaves are needed.
  3. Reduced costs of energy, cleaning and kitchen staff.
  4. There is no problem with waste and it reduces the risk of having products go past their use by date.
  5. Objective management of portions and standardised cooking.
  6. Streamlined management of orders and suppliers, improved stock management and few problems with meals passing their use by date.
  7. The product and quality are always the same.
  8. Knowledge of the cost or price of each dish.

Bost Gourmet "your quality cuisine"

"We offer you V Gama products, high quality pre-cooked dishes that allow a restaurant to have a full menu. Offer your customers a varied, tasty and healthy menu with the help of the experience and expertise of the kitchen team at Bost Gourmet"

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